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Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogging from Canada's Capital

Hello everyone! I am excited to be blogging from Ottawa, Ontario this evening. Yes, I have flown across our country and am currently enjoying the crisp air (compared to Victoria) of Ottawa. It's funny because I always think of Ontario as Eastern Canada when, in reality, it is Central Canada. You can tell I am a Western girl. I am here at a conference (presenting on Wednesday - wish me luck). It was a lovely day today and after I finished with a few things I went for a walk to take a few pictures of the parliament buildings - the official location of our federal parliament.
Here are some other shots - the one on the left of the centre tower, and the one on the right of a newly renovated tower in the back of the building (I think it is the library).

I have been to Ottawa before and peeked at the inside, which is lovely (was closed today). I also remembered that there is a little house in the back that is home to stray cats. So I went to see who was there today.
You can see three of them feeding and the guy in the front was just visiting with some onlookers. There is a iron fence between the people and the kitties so they have their privacy if they need it, but a few had come out to say hello to the people. I continued walking around the back of the parliament buildings and came aross this sweet guy who kept me company for part of my stroll.
Cats are so hard to take photos of, unless they are sleeping. After having a dog for 11 years who was so used to me taking pictures of her, I am not accustomed to these feline creatures who always move just as you take the picture!

Not to leave you without some crafty goodness. Here are some photos of some cards that I made a while back. The first one I made during a card class (using the store's stamps) and I love it so much I can't give it away (selfish, I know!). The big "D" stamp says "discover". And I love stamping part of the envelope so it matches the card.
Here's some cute cards that I made with stamps from my Aunt's collection. She has so many of these adorable mouse stamps. I love the one with the martini glass - and the other with the mouse that looks like a character from the children's book "Where the Wild Things Grow".

Well, I am in Ottawa until Friday so my next post will most likely be on the weekend. Until then!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see why you'd keep that one with the D--it's loverly. I like the idea of stamping the edge of the envelope too.
Thanks for stopping by!

March 20, 2006 9:48 p.m.  
Blogger cally said...

Ooh, the tiny cat shelters are so sweet! I went to Ottowa in '92 when I was studying in Nova Scotia, but I had enthusiastic kids to visit so I never really had time to look around properly, seeing your photo's makes up for that.

Oh yeh, it was cold on the Spencer Tunick photoshoot, and I still can hardly believe I did it! Very not me at all. Nice to step outside the box sometimes.

Love your stamped crd, I would keep it too.

March 22, 2006 2:32 a.m.  

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