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Friday, October 27, 2006

Yarn storage

A few weeks ago I saw this lovely dresser on Craigslist and knew it would make the perfect stash storage centre!
It's an old art deco style dresser with lovely bakelite handles.

The finish is a bit mottled, but I like the lines and the size is perfect. I shuffled things around in my section of our study to accommodate the dresser - now the cheapo, unfinished wood bookshelf is hidden in the closet with all of my knitting and crafting books and card-making supplies stored inside.
I love having my stash easily accessible and organized as I am a visual person and need to see what I have. Hopefully having everything right under my nose will prevent any accidental stash enhancements...hopefully.

I've finished one of my Embroidered Stocking socks (not the embroidery) and will start the other this weekend. I haven't actually been knitting much this week as I've had a few books that I've wanted to finish. I haven't mastered the art of knitting while reading yet!

I did want to show you a sweet little pillow that I've had for quite a while. It was made by my mother with some woven cloth she made back in the early eighties probably. I think it's a lovely way to display some of my broaches.
The top two are from my grandmother, the owl I purchased recently, and the horse broach I've had since I was a horse-crazy little girl. I've actually seen the horse broach for sale as a pendant on the web - a sure sign I am getting older when items from my childhood (and teens!) are considered "retro" and funky.

Have a great Friday everyone! Thanks for all of your kind comments on Orangina and Lara - much appreciated!

Monday, October 23, 2006


First off, finished project news! Lara is off the needles, blocked, and ready to keep me toasty and warm this winter. Yeh, I know, I live in Victoria, but I really do wear a lot of sweaters here in the winter - it's the damp cold you know.
Sorry about the flash picture...

Specs are as follows:
Pattern: Lara by Debbie Bliss in her Alpaca Silk book
Yarn: Alpaca Silk in the pattern colourway 25010. I used a little over 14 balls for a size medium
Needles: US 9 / 5.2 mm Denise circulars
Gauge: 18 st & 24 rws per 4" after blocking
Started: September 16, 2006
Finished: October 19, 2006
Comments: I liked the unusual construction of this sweater (from cuff to cuff) and it was a fairly easy knit. It went quickly and the yarn is really soft and great to work with. I love the colour, which is hard to represent in the photos posted here - it's an orange/coral blend. The seaming went well, except for one side that I had a little trouble keeping things matched up.

I love my new Lara sweater!

In Socktoberfest news, I am getting to the very top of one of my Embroidered Stockings from Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting. I've had to figure out the leg shaping as I go because of my skinny and high calf muscles. Also, my knitting is now a lot slower since I switched to the larger rosewood dpns. Cascade Fixation yarn demands metal needles! I've also cast on for the Norwegian Stockings using Devon yarn from Elann with both 3.25 mm and 2.75 mm needles. I think the 2.75 mm sock will win the gauge war (skinny calves, remember).

In the spirit of Socktoberfest, I am taking a felted slipper class at the smaller of the local yarn stores here in town. I've never taken a knitting class before so it's fun to learn from a real-live person versus the internet or a book! The slipper pattern is from Fiber Trends and is super quick to knit. I can see quite a few of these slippers completed as gifts.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Orange you lovely!

So, waaayyy back in early August I showed pictures of the final stages of Orangina. I am happy to present the final version: Orangina, finished, seamed, and blocked:
Pattern: Orangina by Stephani Japel of Glampyre Knits
Yarn: Endless Summer Collection Lara from
Needles: 3.25 mm / 60 cm Addi Turbo circulars
Started: Oh, last year sometime
Finished: September 2006
Comments: I liked the pattern, although it took me forever to knit the lace part - including a few needle changes until I found Addi Turbos then it was smooth sailing. The lace repeat is very easy to memorize and this pattern was great as a learning project for me. The yarn was splitty, but I am learning that many cotton yarns are splitty. I do love the colour. The fit is a bit tight in the chest as there is no shaping in this pattern (yah, it's not me-it's the pattern). This would be one thing I might try to change about this pattern now that I have a bit more knitting experience under my belt.

I especially like the way the edge of the neckline looks:
Here's a closeup of the lovely lace design:
Mmmm, orange knitted lace, yummy!

We received some much needed rain here this weekend and I spent quite a bit of time sorting and organizing things at home. I've been moving my stuff around in the study to make room for my new yarn-containment dresser. Yes, a whole dresser uniquely devoted to holding my stash. Well, most of my stash (I do have some overflow, but sock yarn doesn't count right?). I'll try and get a picture of it this week, but right now the study is a bit of a jungle with all the plants etc. from the deck, which is being cleaned and painted.

I have been knitting away on Lara as well and hope to show finished pictures very soon. And sock pictures too!

Have a great Monday!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gifted goodness and knitting knews

Despite the fact that I haven't been posting very frequently as of late, I have been keeping up on the many blogs I peruse! I have been very fortunate to have received a fantastic blogiversary gift package from the wonderful Norththreads. It was her blogiversary, not mine, and I get the goodies - what a deal! Angie sent me a fabulous box just stuffed with wonderful items. Even Oscar got in on emptying the box!

One of my favourite items is this lovely felt needlecase. I'll have to get some embroidery scissors to keep in it.

And lots of fantastic embroidered linens, fabrics, and redwork, and cross stitch!

Also some lovely yarn, buttons, ribbon, a sweet green ginham apron, some tiny ricrak, ephemera, wall paper, embroidery cotton, picture frame, crocheted dollies, and other goodies. Can you believe all of the goodness in one package? Angie was so generous! She has some wonderful items at her etsy shop as well as at Glitter and Grunge, a fabulous collective of artistic creators (look under Glitter artists for Angela). Go check her out!

I've been knitting as well and have made progress on my Lara sweater as well as my Embroidered knee socks. I'm a bit further along then these pictures reflect and hope to finish up my Lara sweater this week! Lara is a bit challenging to take a photo of as she is one massive piece, but you get the picture. The Alpaca Silk is so lovely to work with and I can't wait to wear this sweater.

I've joined Socktoberfest this month and hope to reach the following goals:
  1. Finish the sock portion of Embroidered Stockings from Vogue knitting. This is my bus knitting project so I should make good progress.
  2. Start and possibly finish one sock of Norwegian Stockings from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. Love these socks! I have in my hands some Devon yarn from Elann in black, green oasis, and white. These socks will be my first fair isle project and, I suspect, a challenge to complete!
I'm also going to try NOT to start any other sock projects during the month (unless I finish my two knee high pairs - ha!). I have many sock projects I would love to make so we'll see if I keep that little promise to myself.

Now I just need to figure out how to get that Socktoberfest button up on my side bar. Hmmm, I'm not the best at html and all, but did manage to get the Crafter's Companion button up! Woo hoo! (don't laugh!).

I hope everyone had a great weekend and wonderful Thanksgiving!